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Accident and Serious Incident Reports: AGC

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Reports relating to accidents and serious incidents which included Air-Ground Communication (AGC) as a causal factor.

Call Sign Confusion

  • B190 / B190, Auckland NZ, 2007 (AGC RI HF): On 1 August 2007, the crew of a Beech 1900 aircraft holding on an angled taxiway at Auckland International Airport mistakenly accepted the take-off clearance for another aircraft that was waiting on the runway and which had a somewhat similar call sign. The pilots of both aircraft read back the clearance. The aerodrome controller heard, but did not react to, the crossed transmissions. The holding aircraft entered the runway in front of the cleared aircraft, which had commenced its take-off. The pilots of both aircraft took avoiding action and stopped on the runway without any damage or injury.

Loss of Communication

  • A319, en-route, Nantes France, 2006: On 15 September 2006, an easyJet Airbus A319, despatched under MEL provision with one engine generator inoperative and the corresponding electrical power supplied by the APU generator, suffered a further en route electrical failure which included power loss to all COM radio equipment which could not then be re-instated. The flight was completed using the remaining flight instruments with the one remaining transponder selected to the standard emergency code. The incident occurred near Nantes, France.


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