A340 Family

A340 Family

Aircraft family Information
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Long and ultra long range passenger jet manufactured by AIRBUS. Airbus A340 family includes the following modifications:

Aircraft Family Members

ICAO Type Designator Name Length (m)
AIRBUS A-340-600 AIRBUS A-340-600 75.36 m
AIRBUS A-340-200 AIRBUS A-340-200 59.40 m
AIRBUS A-340-300 AIRBUS A-340-300 63.69 m
AIRBUS A-340-500 AIRBUS A-340-500 67.93 m

Aircraft Family Members

Aircraft Length Wing span Engines Range MTOW
A346 75.36 m 63.45 m

4 x R-R Trent 556 (249kN) turbofans.

7900 NM 368000 kg
A342 59.40 m 60.30 m

4 x CFM56-5C4 (141kN) or
4 x CFM 56-5C3 (147kN) turbofans.

6700 NM 275000 kg
A343 63.69 m 60.30 m

4 x CFM56-5C4/P (154kN) turbofans.

7400 NM 275000 kg
A345 67.93 m 63.45 m

4 x R-R Trent 553 (236kN) turbofans.

9000 NM 372000 kg

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