Roswell International Air Center (RIAC)

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Roswell, Chaves County, New Mexico,

33° 17' 58" N , 104° 31' 29" W
KROW 230951Z 32008KT 10SM CLR 23/07 A2997 RMK AO2 SLP074 T02280072


Roswell International Air Center (RIAC), also known as Roswell Industrial Air Center, is a city-owned public-use airport located 11 km south of the central business district of Roswell, a city in Chaves County, New Mexico, United States.


Roswell is located in the high plains and has four very distinct seasons, giving it a BSk or BSh semi-arid climate according to the Köppen climate classification. Winters are cold, but usually sunny and snowfall is a common occurrence. Spring is mild and usually warm, however they can still be cold on occasion. Summers are hot (as is common with the high plains of New Mexico and Colorado) and, quite frequently, the mercury rises to triple digit temperatures, which can be unpleasant. The North American Monsoon occurs during the summer, and can bring torrential downpours, severe thunderstorms (with high winds and hail) and sometimes even tornadoes. The rain can provide a cooling relief from the scorching desert heat. Fall is mild and pleasant, but can be cold. Snow is possible in the fall months of October and November.


Designator Length Width Surface Rops
12/30 2263 61 PEM Yes/Yes
17/35 3048 30 ASP Yes/Yes
3/21 3963 46 PEM Yes/Yes

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