ALLCLEAR? is part of the Air Ground Communication (AGC) Safety Improvement Initiative launched by the EUROCONTROL Safety Team in 2004. It builds on the recommendations and best-practices presented in the AGC European Action Plan.

Welcome Pilots and Controllers

Enhance your radio communication skills with the ALLCLEAR? toolkit. Already perfect? Sure?

The ALLCLEAR? toolkit gives airline and ATS trainers a range of training resources. Use the resources to run a training session for your people. Show a video ... discuss it ... hand out the top tips! Adapt the materials to suit your own needs. Try out the online training for yourself ... and then introduce others to it.

Download all training materials or click on the individual links below.

  • Training ideas A short document with lesson ideas and previews of the introduction training.
  • Introduction training A short introduction to air-ground communicatons errors and their consequences. Designed to be used as an introduction to a training session on improving safety through better communications.
  • Video commentaries Giving you all you need for a good classroom discussion. Includes: example questions and answers, learning points and best-practice tips.

Class room DVD

Request high resolution DVD of the video clips you can view on this page.

Not using the videos?

The lesson facilitation notes offer an alternative approach for those not using the videos as a primary teaching aid.


See the problems - what would YOU do?

View dramatised events that have actually happened. Why did they happen? How could they be avoided? These video clips are short reconstructions of real events. Watch them with, or without the transcripts. You can also download the self-study notes to get even more benefit from them.

Quote of the day

"We know that you know that we know that you know most of what there is to say on Air Ground Communications. However knowing a bit more always helps"

MB - a trainer

ALLCLEAR? The path to clear communications

Air Ground Communication breakdown has been a causal factor in a number of serious accidents; and is a significant factor in many near-misses. The statistics speak for themselves. Read more...

Interactive training

  • Use the EUROCONTROL interactive training to test and enhance your R/T skills. Takes just 20 minutes.
  • A guide to phraseology for general aviation pilots in Europe. Read, listen and prepare yourself before your flight.

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