Accident and Serious Incident Reports: CS


Reports relating to accidents and incidents that include aspects of Cabin Safety.

Disruptive Pax

Turbulence Injury - Cabin Crew

Cabin Stowage - Pax Items

Toilet compartment fire

Cabin furnishings fire

Evacuation slides deployed

Pax oxygen mask drop

Unauthorised PED use

IFE fire

Cabin air contamination

Malicious interference

Hand held extinguisher used

Evacuation on Cabin Crew initiative

Flight Crew Evacuation Command

Cabin Crew Incapacitation

Cabin Crew Medical Fitness

Passenger Illness

Faulty or misused PED

Evacuation on Pax Initiative

Cabin/Flight deck comms difficulty

Pax Turbulence Injury - Seat Belt Signs on

Pax Turbulence Injury - Seat Belt Signs off


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