Accident Incident Reporting System (AIRS)

Accident Incident Reporting System (AIRS)


AIRS is a confidential human factors reporting system that provides airlines with the necessary tools to set up an in-house human performance analysis system. It was established to obtain feedback from operators on how well Airbus aircraft operate to identify the significant operational and technical human performance events that occur within the fleet; develop a better understanding of how the events occur; develop and implement design changes, if appropriate, and inform other operators of the “lessons learned” from the events. AIRS aims to provide an answer to “what” happened as well as to “why” a certain incident and event occurred.

The analysis is essentially based on a causal factor analysis, structured around the incorporated taxonomy. The taxonomy is similar to the SHEL model that includes environmental, informational, personal, and organisational factors that may have had an influence on crew actions.

AIRS is part of the AIRBUS Flight Operations Monitoring package.

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