Activity Catalogue Tool

Activity Catalogue Tool


Activity Catalogue Tool (ACT) provides instant, real-time statistical analysis of an observed sequence, including such measures as frequency of occurrence, duration of activity, time between occurrences and probabilities of transitions between activities. ACT automatically creates a datalog file that provides a detailed description of all observations, as well as a further important statistical description of the concurrence of events and activities.

To allow for multiple observers and/or multiple observations of a given video tape, data-log files can be merged and/or appended using simple post processing functions.

ACT was designed by two human factors experts (L. Segal and A. Andre, co-founders of Interface Analysis Associates (IAA)), who designed this tool for use in their broad fields of work: from analysing pilot performance in the cockpit, through the analysis of computer workstations, to the evaluation of consumer products and graphical user interfaces. At present, ACT is being used in over 250 industries, research institutions, universities and usability labs around the world.


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