Aircraft Positioning and Information System (APIS)

Aircraft Positioning and Information System (APIS)


The Aircraft Positioning and Information System (APIS) is a parking stand entry guidance system developed and marketed by FMT Aircraft Gate Support Systems of Sweden. The system uses lasers to determine both aircraft position relative to the stand centreline and the distance remaining to the optimum aircraft stopping point. The direction and amplitude of the turn required to correct centreline deviation is displayed to the pilot on a guidance board positioned on the centreline behind the stop point. Distance-to-go information is also displayed on the guidance board in both digital and analog format.

The APIS++ system has the following features:

  • built in functional check during activation and self monitoring during use
  • display of aircraft type information to enable the pilot to confirm that the system is properly programmed
  • centreline and stop guidance
  • stop point overshoot indication

Refer to the FMT video under Further Reading below for a presentation detailing the system guidance indications.

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