Airlines International Representation in Europe (AIRE)

Airlines International Representation in Europe (AIRE)


The Airlines International Representation in Europe (AIRE) was founded in 1971 and is Based in Brussels. the association focuses on achieving the most cost-effective environment for AIRE members.

Between 1971 and 2017 the Association was known as International Air Carrier Association (IACA).

In 2018 the Association has 16 airline members and 10 associate members (aircraft manufacturers, ground equipment manufacturers, ground handlers, ATS providers, etc.).

The Association's main activities are:

  • Aeropolitical – AIRE monitors and informs its member airlines of all regulatory developments concerning environmental issues, consumer policy, taxation & social affairs. Current topics include environment, passenger rights, infrastructure – Single European Sky, airport infrastructure (slots, handling, noise, charges) and traffic rights.
  • Flight Operations – AIRE seeks optimal use of airspace capacity and promotes the restructuring of route networks to increase efficiency.
  • Safety – AIRE works in partnership with decision-makers to promote safe and efficient solutions to, engineering & maintenance and flight standards issues. High-level technical expertise from across our airline members is pooled in order to elaborate best-practice.

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