Assessment of Pilot Responses to RA: Guidance Material


For TCAS II systems to work as designed and to resolve a risk of mid-air collision, immediate and correct flight crew response to TCAS resolution advisories (RA) is essential.

TCAS has been deployed to act as a last resort safety net to mitigate the risk of midair collisions by providing flight crews with collision avoidance advice.

IATA/EUROCONTROL Guidance Material

IATA and EUROCONTROL have jointly produced guidance on the assessment of pilot compliance to Traffic alert and Collision Avoidance System (TCAS) RAs using Flight Data Monitoring (FDM). This document highlights that the most important single factor affecting the performance of TCAS is the response of pilots to RAs.

This guide, which is based on the ICAO provisions, recommends that operators establish procedures detailing how their flight crews should operate TCAS and respond to RAs.

The document provides general guidance on the assessment of pilot responses to TCAS RAs and contains a set of indicators and measurements to support such assessment.

NB: A version of this publication, containing also the video clip on TCAS RA High Vertical Rate, is available on the IATA website.

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