Brio Intelligence 6

Brio Intelligence 6


Brio Intelligence 6 is a Business Intelligence tool, used for drill-down querying, analysis, and report generation (textual and graphical). Brio Intelligence is used to scan through large volumes of data, and extract meaningful, often unknown facts about an organisation’s data. Almost any query can be performed with the results appearing in moments. Results can be drilled-into to their granular level, or drilled back up to more summarised views. Detailed analysis of the returned data set can also be conducted, using a library of built-in functions. Reports that are created by the tools can be distributed in a variety of formats. Brio Intelligence 6 was developed by Brio Software Japan KK. Brio Intelligence is part of the Brio Performance Suite, which also allows for complex report generation across multiple systems, and hosting interactive data mining workbenches through a web browser.

In November 2003, Hyperion acquired Brio, renaming the tool into Hyperion Intelligence 6.

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