Captain's Aircraft Acceptance


The formal pre-flight acceptance in the Aircraft Technical Log by the designated aircraft commander that both the aircraft and the Aircraft Technical Log have been inspected and found to be, respectively, fit for flight and in order.


This acceptance is a formal pre-flight certification in the Aircraft Technical Log by the pilot who will be in command of an intended flight. By signature, the certifying pilot indicates that sufficient checks of the aircraft status have been carried out to be able to indicate that they are satisfied that, to the extent that they are able to ascertain, the aircraft is airworthy to the degree necessary to safely complete the intended flight. The signature also indicates that the pilot in command is satisfied that the log book is in compliance with all associated documentary requirements for which the Aircraft Technical Log is the recording medium. One of the specific implied requirements is that the signatory or a suitable person specifically delegated by them has carried out an external aircraft inspection as well as all the specified pre-departure flight deck-based system checks required under AFM or AOM procedures prior to the intended flight. It is evident from the above that the first flight of the day and/or the first flight to be undertaken by a new aircraft commander are likely to require more activity prior to the acceptance signature.

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