he EUROCONTROL Surveillance Modernisation support activities"'


The EUROCONTROL Surveillance Modernisation related activities (carried out by the Network Management Directorate) support the performance-based modernisation and rationalisation of the European ATM Network's surveillance. The latter includes both ground surveillance, such as Automatic Dependent Surveillance Broadcast (ADS-B) and Wide Area Multilateration (Wide Area Multilateration), and airborne Surveillance applications (e.g. “ADS-B in”/Airborne Traffic Situation Awareness (ATSAW)). It supports short-term implementation as well as longer-term SESAR projects. A main objective of the modernisation activities is achievement of global interoperability.

The Surveillance Modernisation support objectives are achieved by working closely with the aviaiton service providers, such as ANSPs.

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See EUROCONTROL Surveillance web-site.


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