Certificate of Release to Service


A Certificate of Release to Service is a statement signed by an Licensed Aircraft Engineer (LAE), with the appropriate certifying approvals, which asserts that the aircraft is airworthy to the degree appropriate for safe flight.


All work carried out on an aircraft, its systems and its components must be certified as fit to fly, on completion and prior to return to service. The Certificate of Release to Service (CRS) must therefore be issued before flight at the completion of any maintenance. The Certificate should contain as a minimum:

  1. Basic details of the maintenance that was carried out;
  2. Date such maintenance was completed;
  3. Identity of organisation and/or person issuing the release to service
  4. Limitations to airworthiness or operations, if there are any.

Source - EASA Part M, Subpart H, Certificate of Release to Service — CRS, M.A.801 Aircraft certificate of release to service and EASA Part 145.A.50 Certification of maintenance [EC, 2014]

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