Changes to the indication of VHF channels in radiotelephony

What we have been informed

Amendment 80 to ICAO Annex 10, Volume II - Aeronautical Telecommunications - takes effect on 24 November 2005; It introduces a procedure for VHF communication channels to be indicated in 6 and 4 digits irrespective of whether 25 or 8.33 kHz channel spacing is used, e.g.:

  • 118,005 specified as "ONE ONE EIGHT DECIMAL ZERO ZERO FIVE"
  • 118,025 specified as "ONE ONE EIGHT DECIMAL ZERO TWO FIVE"
  • 118,100 specified as "ONE ONE EIGHT DECIMAL ONE"

Use of the term "CHANNEL" for 8.33 kHz channels is discontinued;

EUROCONTROL 8.33 kHz programme

  • The EUROCONTROL Agency has prepared the attached poster to increase awareness on a revised procedure for the indication of VHF channels in radiotelephony;
  • The widespread distribution and display of this poster, especially to flight crews and air traffic controllers, is strongly encouraged;

Further information

Further information is available at Eurocontrol R/T-procedures.


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