Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA)

Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA)


The Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) was established on 6 July 1995 as an independent statutory authority. Under section 8 of the, Civil Aviation Act 1988, CASA is a body corporate separate from the Australian Commonwealth.

CASA's primary function is to conduct the safety regulation of civil air operations in Australia and the operation of Australian aircraft overseas. It is also required to provide comprehensive safety education and training programmes, cooperate with the Australian Transport Safety Bureau, and administer certain features of Part IVA of the Civil Aviation (Carriers' Liability) Act 1959.

The Civil Aviation Regulations 1988 and the Civil Aviation Safety Regulations 1998, made under authority of the Civil Aviation Act, provide for general regulatory controls for the safety of air navigation. The Civil Aviation Act and CAR 1988 empower CASA to issue Civil Aviation Orders on detailed matters of regulation. The CASRs 1998 empower CASA to issue Manuals of Standards which support CASR by providing detailed technical material.

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