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AT Coach


ATCoach is a family of precision products supporting standalone training, ATC Automation system based training and testing, airspace modelling, and voice recognition based simulation control. There are three simulation systems: the ATCoach Standalone Simulation, the ATCoach Precision Approach Radar and the ATCoach Embedded Simulator.

The ATCoach is developed by UFA Inc., a privately-held software engineering firm providing Air Traffic Control (ATC) Tower and Radar simulation technologies and services to civil aviation, military, and universities worldwide. UFA also provides Voice technologies including Voice Recognition and Response and Voice Communication Simulation.

ATCoach family products comprise of:

1. ATCoach Precision Approach Radar simulator is a standalone configuration that supports the replication of the following radar sets and their controller arrival and final displays.

  • AN/TPN-18 (US Army)
  • AN/TPN-31 ATNAVICS (US Army)
  • GPN-22 (US Air Force)

The system includes our voice recognition and response system, ATVoice, as a standard feature that enables the trainee to issue voice clearances directly to simulated fixed wing and rotary wing aircraft and receive appropriate pilot responses.

2. ATCoach Standalone ATC Radar simulation replicates several FAA ATC automation systems as well as automation systems used internationally. Each ATCoach system includes easy to use exercise development tools; ATPilot, a powerful graphical pseudo pilot capability; and ATSetup, a Supervisor application to select, configure and control simulation exercises.

3. ATCoach Embedded ATC Radar simulation provides the high simulation fidelity by merging simulated target generation with operational ATC automation systems. Using the core ATCoach simulation engine, this system generates real time surveillance sensor messages and provides and responds to flight data messages that are then processed by the operational ATC automation systems as if they originated from operational sensors and flight data processors.

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