Consultation of Stakeholders

Consultation of Stakeholders


Stakeholder consultation is intended to establish communication channels that will pass requirements for contingency operations and also create feedback mechanism to ensure that all parties are informed of contingency planning issues.


The aim of the consultation process is to identify the needs of airspace users, regulators, service providers, airports and other stakeholders.


The State authorities (including the military authorities), the air navigation services providers (ANSPs) and the Users (airlines and airports) should put in place a process to set the requirements for “Contingency measures”. In this process, the State authorities have primacy in defining the requirements. ANSPs in consultation with airlines and airports develop the appropriate measures to meet these requirements and any additional local business objectives stated in their contingency Policy.

The State authorities (in their rule-maker role) and the ANSPs should establish a dialogue to define the mandatory contingency requirements. The ANSPs will have to fulfil their obligations with regard to contingency planning and by so doing ensure the safety related elements of providing air navigation services (ANS) and associated services, whilst also meeting, as appropriate, the requirements related to security, capacity/flight efficiency and environmental sustainability. States may also consider other wider political, social and macro-economic issues.

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