Contingency Strategies

Contingency Strategies


Contingency strategies describe the specific measures that an air navigation service provider (ANSP) will have put in place in order to prepare for adverse contingencies that might affect future operations, in line with their overall contingency policy.


A variety of air navigation services (ANS) contingency strategies are available to help ANSPs move away from the high level abstraction of the Contingency Lifecycle and the Operational Concept towards more detailed planning of contingency measures.


Various contingency strategies have been identified following site visits to a number of European Civil Aviation Conference (ECAC) ANSPs and provide insights of what ANSPs are currently planning to do or have already done to prepare themselves for contingency operations. Typically, the strategies are classified as either 'alternate airspace' strategies or 'alternate location' strategies and include:

It is stressed that the strategies listed above are not mutually exclusive and it may be necessary to use several different approaches or combinations of approaches to meet ANSPs' needs.

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