Controlled Aerodrome

Controlled Aerodrome


An aerodrome at which air traffic control service is provided to aerodrome traffic.

Note.— The term “controlled aerodrome” indicates that air traffic control service is provided to aerodrome traffic but does not necessarily imply that a control zone exists.

Source: ICAO Doc 4444 PANS-ATM


Designating an aerodrome as "controlled" means that air traffic control (ATC) service is provided at that aerodrome. All traffic is subject to ATC clearance, regardless of flight rules. Note that this is unlike controlled airspace, where ATC (and separation) may not provided to VFR flights depending on airspace classification. In addition to ATC, flight information service and alerting service are also provided.

ATS at a controlled aerodrome is provided by the control tower. Depending on the traffic levels, other ATS units such as Ground could be established as well. Take offs, landings and taxiing on the manoeuvring area are subject to ATC clearance. Vehicles on the manoeuvring area are also subject to ATC and are normally required to establish and maintain two-way radio communication.

The safe and orderly flow of traffic at a controlled aerodrome (and usually, its vicinity) is responsibility of the Tower controller

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  • ICAO Annex 11: Air Traffic Services
  • ICAO Doc 4444 PANS-ATM

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