Controlled Airspace Synthetic Environmemt (CASE)

Controlled Airspace Synthetic Environmemt (CASE)


Controlled Airspace Synthetic Environmemt


Controlled Airspace Synthetic Environmemt (CASE) is a training system that models the complete airspace system from gate-to-gate. The Controlled Airspace Synthetic Environmemt (CASE) simulator is capable of recording every single event that occurs within the scenario that has been defined. In addition to modelling the performance/profiles of any number of aircraft and ground vehicles, Controlled Airspace Synthetic Environmemt (CASE) is also able to evaluate and analyse events such as congestion, sector loading, the number of times a separation threshold has been violated the number of aircraft controlled by each control station, etc. The core elements are:

  • A Central Processing Suite
  • Up to thirty-five Pilot, Controller (and Supervisor) Operator Workstations
  • An Exercise Preparation System
  • Voice and data communications networks.

Controlled Airspace Synthetic Environmemt (CASE) was developed by AMS (Alenia Marconi Systems).

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