Controlled Airspace Synthetic Environment (CASE)

Controlled Airspace Synthetic Environment (CASE)


Controlled Airspace Synthetic Environmemt (CASE) is a training system that models the complete airspace system from gate-to-gate. The CASE simulator is capable of recording every single event that occurs within the scenario that has been defined. In addition to modelling the performance/profiles of any number of aircraft and ground vehicles, CASE is also able to evaluate and analyse events such as congestion, sector loading, the number of times a separation threshold has been violated the number of aircraft controlled by each control station, etc. The core elements are:

  • A Central Processing Suite
  • Up to thirty-five Pilot, Controller (and Supervisor) Operator Workstations
  • An Exercise Preparation System
  • Voice and data communications networks.

CASE was developed by AMS (Alenia Marconi Systems).

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