Coupled Ailerons and Rudder

Coupled Ailerons and Rudder


Coupled ailerons and rudder are mechanically linked controls.

This linkage is accomplished utilising rudder-aileron interconnect springs. These springs help correct aileron induced yaw by automatically deflecting the rudder whenever the ailerons are deflected; that is, when the control wheel or stick is deflected to produce a roll to the right, the right rudder pedal is also pulled forward by the spring a sufficient amount to overcome the tendency for the nose of the aircraft to yaw to the left.

In the circumstance, such as a crosswind landing, where it is necessary to slip the aircraft, the springs can be overpowered by pilot input, or, in the case of a larger aircraft with interconnect springs (such as the Convair 580), by applying opposite direction rudder and aileron trim input.

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