Decision 2019/709 - Appointment of the Network Manager

Commission Implementing Decision (EU) 2019/709 of 6.5.2019 on the appointment of the Network Manager for the air traffic management (ATM) network functions of the single European sky - text of the decision


To appoint Eurocontrol as the Network Manager for the ATM network functions (the Network Manager) as referred to in Regulation 2019/123 - Implementation of ATM network functions for the third and the fourth reference periods specified in Regulation 2019/317 - Performance and Charging Scheme in the SES (i.e. 2020-2024 and 2025-2029).


Tasks of the Network Manager

Eurocontrol acting as Network Manager shall perform the tasks necessary for the execution of the ATM network functions referred to in Article 7 of Regulation 2019/123.

Eurocontrol acting as Network Manager shall perform its tasks in accordance with the requirements laid down in Article 4 of Regulation 2019/123.

Eurocontrol shall carry out its tasks as Network Manager independently from any other activity, including in respect of activities related to the work of international organisations.


Before carrying out the tasks entrusted to it, by 2 January 2020 Eurocontrol as Network Manager shall be certified by the Agency in accordance with Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) 2017/373.

Network Manager and Network Management Board

The manager of the Network Manager shall be the Director of Eurocontrol's Network Manager Directorate.

The representative of Eurocontrol in the Network Management Board shall be the Director-General of Eurocontrol.

The Network Manager shall bear the costs related to the administrative support of the chair of the Network Management Board.

Network Manager funding and spending arrangements and separation of accounts

The Network Manager shall have arrangements in place, which ensure that Member States and third countries make a fair and proportionate financial contribution for the tasks entrusted to the Network Manager.

The Network Manager shall ensure that payments made by Union Member States are not used to fund expenses for activities other than covered by the tasks referred to in Article 7 Regulation 2019/123.

The tasks of Eurocontrol as Network Manager shall be covered by a separate account within Eurocontrol's budget.

Entry Into Force

This Decision entered into force in May 2019.

Decision on the Appointment of the Network Manager for the ATM Network Functions

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