Deviation from ATC Procedures - Lateral Deviations from SIDs

Operational Safety Issue

The SISG secretariat has been warned by an Air Navigation Service Provider of several cases of lateral deviations from the published Standard Instrument Departure Procedures;

This scenario has a clear safety impact, which can be even more severe in an environment of parallel runway operations;

Historically, there has been a set of causal factors often associated with SID deviations. These include:

Recent Experience with Potential New Causal Factors

After an investigation made by an ANSP, there is a hypothesis for causal factors not cited before:

  • Method of FMS operation, programming the SID into the FMS in a format of waypoint-track-waypoint. Recent experience in a particular operational environment with FMS format of waypoint-waypoint suggests decline in the reported events.

EUROCONTROL Navigation Domain

Area Navigation Systems applications in terminal areas began to proliferate during the latter half of the nineties following the publication of design criteria for VHF Omnidirectional Radio Range (VOR)/Distance Measuring Equipment (DME), DME/DME and basic Global Navigation Satellite System instrument flight procedures; Recently published RNAV Procedures indicate that States are continuing to develop RNAV procedures which cannot be consistently coded into ARINC 424 for RNAV application.


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