Drones Impact On Network Operational Safety

Drones Impact On Network Operational Safety


The DINOS WG is a subgroup of the EUROCONTROL Operational Safety Group (SAFOPS). The DINOS WG was created after a dedicated SAFOPS session about Drones and the safety impact on manned aviation, that identified the need for a working group looking at the safety impact of unauthorized drones to the network (on/in the vicinity of airports and en-route). 

The DINOS WG is part of the work done under the EU implementing regulation 2019/123:

“Identify operational safety hazards at network level in cooperation with operational stakeholders and assess the associated network safety risk and report them to the Agency”.

The Role of the DINOS WG

The DINOS WG is the co-ordination forum supporting NM and operational safety stakeholders to meet their obligations (Including but not restricted to EU 2019/123, EU 2017/373, EU 2019/317) regarding identification of hazards, risk analysis and assessment, risk management, risk monitoring, safety improvement, safety studies, lessons learned and good practices, safety promotion and lessons dissemination specifically in the area of Drone operations by: 

  • the identification of operational safety issues by analysing available data sources, 
  • raising awareness on the identified operational safety issues, 
  • assessment of the associated safety risks of the identified operational safety issues, 
  • promotion of safety improvement initiatives to address identified operational safety issues, 
  • dissemination of lessons learnt and safety knowledge. 

Tasks of the DINOS WG

The DINOS WG shall be the competent Drone related forum of SAFOPS supporting 4 focus areas:

  • Best practices.
    • Share best practices related to different tools that are available to reach the general public (drone users) with information regarding airspace use, regulations, publications and AIM for Drones.
    • Share best practices regarding acquiring and operating drone detection systems on and around airports.
  • Actions/recommendations to a drone sighting. Make a toolbox of possible actions/recommendations to a drone sighting for flight crew, ATCOs and airport operations including the link to law enforcement and security services.
  • Data. Promote and showcase the benefits of drone detection system- and drone incident-data, to be used to further investigate and identify trends and potential causal factors.
  • Reporting. Support other groups & entities, with operational expertise, working on reporting and drone taxonomy standardization.

The list of tasks and focus areas is subject to change and will evolve through the DINOS WG lifecycle.

Members and co-chair team

The DINOS WG consists of members from the operational stakeholders (Airlines, ANSPs and Airport Operators), International Organizations, Civil Aviation Authorities, Associations for professional and general aviation and law enforcement agencies. 2 Universities participate as observers to follow developments and support research where needed.

Per 25-05-2023 there are 27 full member organizations and 2 observers.

The DINOS WG is chaired by EUROCONTROL with support of 2 industry co-chairs; Austro Control and Transavia Airlines.

If you are interested to join the DINOS WG, or have questions regarding the activities, please contact the DINOS WG EUROCONTROL Co-chair or secretary.

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