Emergency and Abnormal Checklist

Emergency and Abnormal Checklist


An Emergency and Abnormal Checklist (EAC) is a handbook containing checklists of actions which are the initial response element of Emergency and Abnormal procedures. The contents of the EAC are reproduced from - and must be identical to - the Operations Manual (OM). The presentation of procedures may be altered for ease of reference but must not deviate from the AFM (AFM).

The EAC contains two types of checklist:

i) Emergency Checklists; and

ii) Abnormal Checklists.

Some emergency checklists will contain Memory Items which will be highlighted. Often a whole checklist or the first part of one will consist of memory items.

The term EAC is often used to refer to the Quick Reference Handbook (QRH).

Two copies of the EAC must be provided on a multi crew flight deck so that both pilots have access to a copy.

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The EAC forms part of the Operations Manual and operators must make arrangements to ensure that the EAC or QRH is up-dated at the same time as corresponding ammendments are required to the AFM and/or OM.


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