ES2 2009(SASI)

ES2 2009(SASI)

In 2009, five working sessions were organised in the framework of ES2 meetings. The workshops took place in Brussels, Cyprus and Paris and the subjects discussed ranged from Cost of SMS, Safety Assessments, Safety Surveys to Contingency Planning, ending with the CEO's Meeting.

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WS 01-09

The central theme of this first working session was "Cost of SMS"; it took place in Brussels and the main objectives for this workshop were to offer participants a wider image of the real costs induced by the development, maintenance and day-to-day operations of Safety Management Systems.

The presentations from this workshop are listed here:

WS 02-09

The second working session took place in Brussels, between 11-12 June and its name was "Experience Sharing on Safety Assessments". Safety Assessments are carried out in other high-risk industries and during this session examples from outside ATM were presented. The aim of the working session was to increase knowledge and spread awareness amongst ANSPs, Regulators and Safety Specialists on the practical compliance to ESARR requirements with respect to Safety Assessment.

The agenda and the presentations from the workshop can be found below:

WS 03-09

Workshop number 3 took place also in Brussels, between 17-18 of September. The theme of the working session number 3 was "Safety Surveys in ATM SMS" . The workshop focused on increasing awareness of safety surveys, whose aims are to examine procedures or processes related to a specific operation and provide a flexible and cost-effective method to identify areas for safety improvement within the aviation service provider organisation.

The presentations from the workshop are listed below:

WS 04-09

The fourth workshop from this year was held at Cyprus, between 24-26 November and it was entitled "Contingency Planning of Air Navigation Services". The objectives of the workshop were to determine what was right with the participants'ATM contingency plans and what improvements should they have taken into consideration (if needed).

The list of the materials from this workshop (including some exercises) is below:

WS 05-09

The fifth and the last working session of 2009 was called "SASI CEO's Meeting" and was held at ICAO European and North Atlantic Office in Paris, between 29-30 October. This meeting had the following objective: to present the annual SASI report, to review the 5 years of SASI, to study the cost of SMS, to identify safety KPIs and to look at the Governance Principle of Management Systems.

Have a look at the materials from this meeting:

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