ES2 2019

ES2 2019

This year covered three working sessions, starting with the Workshop on the EU 373 Regulation - at EUROCONTROL HQ, continuing with the CEO Conference held at Copenhagen and ending with the Human Factors and System Safety Thinking Conference, which took place at Madrid.

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Workshop on Regulation 373/2017 - Safety Assessment of Changes

This workshop was held at Brussels, between 17th-18th of January and its main goals were to discuss seven issues related to Regulation 373/2017: Safety Criteria and Monitoring Criteria Requirements, Multi-Actor Changes, Transition, Notification of Planned Changes to the Functional System, Impact on Organisations for Managing Changes with 373, NPA on SESAR Safety Reference Material, Software & Status of NPA 2017-10. Below are attached the presentations:

CEO Safety Conference: From Deficits to Assets

This year EUROCONTROL and NAVIAR have teamed up with EASA to allow a greater industry insight as well as bringing top speakers on two sensitive topics: Safety Data in the Public Domain and Cybersecurity. This CEO Conference was organised at Copenhagen, between 15-16th of May. The presentations from this conference are listed below:

Human Factors and Systems Safety Thinking Conference

"Automation and Human factors Integration " represented the central idea of the Human Factors and Systems Safety Thinking Conference, that took place at Madrid, between 02-04 October. This conference explored the issues of human - machine interactions in complex safety-critical technology from different perspectives and experiences.

The presentations from this Conference are sorted by days and can be found below:

Day one provided insights from ENAIRE about setting up a key Human Factors department.

Day two looked from different angles of automation: temporal coordination in operations - can augmented reality support it? and a future thinking about the possible path to full automation of ATM.

Day three, the final one, brought lessons from other industries: Costa Concordia, first experiences of human factors from the remote Tower operations and an answer to the question: are we still being human centric at all?

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