ESARR 2 - Reporting and Assessment of Safety Occurrences in ATM


ESARR 2 mandates the implementation of a harmonised occurrence reporting and assessment scheme by EUROCONTROL member states. European Civil Aviation Conference (ECAC) member states who are not members of EUROCONTROL are also encouraged to apply it.

The requirement promotes a consistent and systematic reporting and assessment process, encourages the establishment of a non-punitive environment and is designed to act as an effective contribution to accident and serious risk bearing incident prevention.

ESARR 2 defines:

  • Requirements on the main phases of the occurrence reporting and assessment process: occurrence reporting; data collection, data analysis, risk classification, recommendation formulation; recommendation implementation and monitoring; safety data and experience exchange.
  • The ATM-related occurrences which shall, as a minimum, be reported and assessed by States.
  • The minimum appropriate safety data which shall be collated and reported to EUROCONTROL by States, expressed in terms of high level safety indicators.
  • Harmonised terms and definitions.

Severity Classification Schemes

Severity classification schemes for ATM related occurrences are developed in a companion document to ESARR 2 (see below) to enable its implementation by national regulatory and service provider organisation. The schemes allow:

  • Classification of occurrences according to the severity of their effect on the safe operations of aircraft and occupants; and
  • Classification of occurrences according to the severity of their effect on the ability to provide safe ATM services.


Implementation of ESARR 2 by service providers and States will enable:

  • Assessment of safety performance against performance targets and related trends over time.
  • Identification of key risk area to act upon.
  • Identification of ATM system contribution to all types of safety occurrences.
  • Identification of risk reduction strategies, approaches and measures.

Transposition into Community Law

The majority of ESARR 2 requirments has been transposed into European Community law by the following Directives:

For more detailed informaion go to article: Transposition of ESARRs into Community Law

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