ESARR 5 - ATM Services’ Personnel


ESARR 5 sets out the general safety regulatory requirements for all ATM services’ personnel responsible for safety related tasks within the provision of ATM services across the European Civil Aviation Conference (ECAC) area, as well as specific safety regulatory requirements for air traffic controllers and for engineering and technical personnel undertaking operational safety related tasks.

The overall objective of the requirement is to ensure the competency and, where applicable, the satisfaction of medical requirements, of ATM services’ personnel responsible for safety related tasks within the provision of ATM services.

ESARR 5 develops further ESARR3 requirements on competency. The basis for development of the safety regulatory requirements relating to air traffic controllers is International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) Annex 1. It is to be noted that provisions are not foreseen in ICAO SARPS in respect of the mentioned category of technical and engineering ATM personnel.


ESARR 5 requirements apply to:

  • Designated authority for the safety regulation of ATM personnel.
  • Air traffic services (ATS) provider organisation.
  • Operating organisation, in cases of provision of technical and engineering services by organisation different from the ATS provider.
  • Individual personnel.


The designated authority for the safety regulation of ATM personal is required to:

  • Issue licenses in compliance with the obligatory provisions of ICAO Annex 1 and ESARR 5.
  • Approve competence examiners and assessors.
  • Ensure training requirements and competence schemes are complied with by ATS providers and individual personnel.
  • Establish requirements to ensure ongoing competence of the air traffic controllers.
  • Issue appropriate safety regulations for engineering and technical personnel who undertake operational safety related tasks.
  • Implement an appropriate audit process.

The ATS provider/operating organisation is required to:

  • Apply unit training plans and competence schemes approved by the designated authority.
  • Implement fully documented competence monitoring and assessment procedures.
  • Ensure notification of the designated authority as required.

Individual personnel, when undertaking their tasks, are required to comply with the competence scheme, conditions and requirements determined by the national regulatory authority and the ATS provider/operating organisation.

The competence of ATM personnel and, where applicable, their satisfaction of medical requirements, are fundamental elements of safety achievement, and therefore of safety management, in the provision of ATM services. The application of ESARR 5 aims to establish harmonised minimum levels of competency and proficiency for staff having specific ATM safety responsibilities.

Transposition into Community Law

ESARR 5 has been transposed into European Community law by:

For more detailed informaion go to article: Transposition of ESARRs into Community Law

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