EUROCONTROL Safety Team Best Practice Safety Pamphlets

EUROCONTROL Safety Team Best Practice Safety Pamphlets


The EUROCONTROL Safety Team is a specialist advisory body established within the framework of EUROCONTROL which aims to drive safety improvement in the provision of Air Navigation Services in the ECAC States.

Consequently, the EUROCONTROL Safety Team:

  • Promotes, develops and supports effective European air traffic management (ATM) Safety Management;
  • Provides support for improvement of ATM operational safety.

Support to Enhance Effective Safety Management Systems (SMS)

In the context of providing support to air navigation service providers (ANSPs) to enhance the effectiveness of their SMSs, amongst a variety of programmes and initiatives, a series of Safety Team ‘Best’ practice pamphlets is being produced to share accumulated and hard won safety experience and knowledge.

The pamphlets rely wholly on the input of ANSPs who provide the raw materials that are developed with EUROCONTROL to produce ‘best’ practice advice to other ANSPs so that they can learn from the experience of others and enhance their own SMSs and operational safety.

Safety Team ‘Best’ Practice Pamphlets

This pamphlet provides advice on how to use radio telephony sampling to improve air traffic controllers’ communications skills.

This pamphlet provides advice on how a high level Management Board committee can maintain awareness of, and involvement in, an ANSP’s critical safety strengths and weaknesses.

This pamphlet provides advice on how to assess the safety behaviour of operational personnel involved in incidents in the context of also providing a Just Culture.

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