EUROCONTROL Safety Team Operational Safety Group (SAFOPS)

EUROCONTROL Safety Team Operational Safety Group (SAFOPS)


Reporting to the EUROCONTROL Safety Team, the Operational Safety Group (SAFOPS) is a group within the framework of the EUROCONTROL Network Manager (NM) Cooperative decision-making processes, constituted in order to support the Safety Team in driving operational safety improvements.

The Role of SAFOPS

SAFOPS is the co-ordination forum supporting the EUROCONTROL Network Manager (NM) and operational safety stakeholders in meeting their obligations regarding identification of hazards, risk analysis and assessment, risk management, risk monitoring, safety improvement, safety studies, lessons learned and good practices, safety promotion and lessons dissemination by:

  • the identification of operational safety issues,
  • performance monitoring of the airborne collision avoidance systems,
  • raising awareness on the identified operational safety issues,
  • assessment of the associated safety risks of the identified operational safety issues,
  • enhancements to existing safety net implementations,
  • promotion of safety improvement initiatives to address identified operational safety issues,
  • dissemination of lessons learnt and safety knowledge.

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