EUROCONTROL Safety Team Safety Human Performance Sub-Group (SHPSG)

EUROCONTROL Safety Team Safety Human Performance Sub-Group (SHPSG)


The Safety Human Performance Sub Group (SHPSG) is a specialist advisory body established within the framework of the EUROCONTROL Safety Team. The purpose of the Safety Team SHPSG is to support the Safety Team in driving safety human performance improvement in the provision of air navigation services primarily in the ECAC and EUROCONTROL States.

The Role of SHPSG

The SHPSG work plan and objectives are based on but not limited to the following tasks:

  • Identify current safety human performance issues at European level by sharing appropriate information and best practices;
  • Raise the awareness of the aviation community on these safety human performance issues;
  • Propose initiatives to address common safety human performance issues;
  • Monitor the effectiveness of these initiatives and disseminate lesson learnt;
  • Develop and coordinate synergies and activities with other Safety Team working groups;
  • Initiate proactive human performance approaches and empower the positive aspects of human integration;
  • Integrate aspects of Resilience Engineering and System robustness;
  • Exchange, promote and develop as necessary safety human performance good practices, methods, tools and techniques supporting the processes of inter-alia human error in safety investigation, operational safety human factors, human factors in SMS and its enabler Safety Culture as well as human factors aspects in day to day observations, etc.;
  • Organise, at regional and international level, conferences, workshops and other events to improve and advance the understanding of Human Performance and System Safety.

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