European Action Plan for the Prevention of Level Bust

European Action Plan for the Prevention of Level Bust

Reducing Level busts is one of EUROCONTROL's highest priorities. EUROCONTROL began raising awareness of the Level Bust issue in 2001, organised series of workshops, and established a Level Bust Task Force to define the recommendations and to formulate an action plan to reduce level busts.

The level bust action plan is the product of work carried out by EUROCONTROL’s cross-industry Level Bust Task Force, which was set up in 2003. The Task Force reviewed the evidence available, identified the principal causal factors, and listened to the Air Navigation Service Providers and aircraft operators with experience in reducing level busts.

The Action Plan contains recommendations for Air Traffic Management, Air Traffic Controllers, and Aircraft Operators. It designed to reduce the frequency of level busts and reduce the risks associated with level busts. Implementation of the Action Plan will be monitored by the Task Force monitoring group reporting to the EUROCONTROL Safety Improvement Sub Group (SISG).

The Action Plan includes a series of briefing notes that give detailed information and guidance:

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