European Civil Aviation Conference (ECAC)

European Civil Aviation Conference (ECAC)

ECAC (European Civil Aviation Conference)


The European Civil Aviation Conference (ECAC) is an international organisation of States which was formed with the assistance and involvement of International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) and held its inaugural session in Strasbourg in 1955. The 18 Founder Members have since been joined by many others and now total 44. The Conference has working relationships with other key European organisations which have aviation sector interests and responsibilities including European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and EUROCONTROL.

ECAC was founded to "promote the continued development of a safe, efficient and sustainable European air transport system by harmonising civil aviation policies and practices amongst its Member States and promoting understanding on policy matters between its Member States and other parts of the world".

ECAC agrees and issues resolutions, recommendations and policy statements which are brought into effect by its Member States. Under its auspices, international agreements have been concluded.

ECAC meets in Plenary Session triennially and more frequently, if required. Directors General of Civil Aviation meet at regular intervals to discuss and resolve policy issues. Meetings at Ministerial level can be held when a topic is of sufficient Europe-wide importance and decisions at that political level are needed.

Day to day work is managed by a Co-ordinating Committee, comprising the President of ECAC, who is elected for a three-year term of office, three Vice-Presidents, and Focal Points who are Directors General of Civil Aviation taking responsibility for specific fields of ECAC activity undertaken by specialist working groups and task forces.

The ECAC Secretariat, under the direction of its Executive Secretary, comprises a multinational team of experts with wide experience in all aspects of civil aviation.

ECAC is based in Paris and its working languages are English and French.



  • Belgium (1955)
  • Netherlands (1955)
  • Luxembourg (1955)
  • France (1955)
  • Germany (1955)
  • Ireland (1955)
  • Portugal (1955)
  • Greece (1955)
  • Malta (1979)
  • Cyprus (1969)
  • Hungary (1990)
  • Austria (1955)
  • Denmark (1955)
  • Croatia (1992)
  • Slovenia (1992)
  • Sweden (1955)
  • Czech Republic (1991)
  • Italy (1955)
  • Slovakia (1991)
  • Spain (1955)
  • Finland (1955)
  • Poland (1990)
  • Bulgaria (1991)
  • Romania (1991)
  • Lithuania (1992)
  • Latvia (1993)
  • Estonia (1995)

Note: Currently all EU member states are ECAC and EUROCONTROL members.

ECAC and EUROCONTROL members outside the EU:

  • Türkiye (1955)
  • Switzerland (1955)
  • Norway (1955)
  • United Kingdom (1955)
  • Monaco (1989)
  • Republic of North Macedonia (1997)
  • Moldova (1996)
  • Albania (1998)
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina (2002)
  • Ukraine (1999)
  • Serbia (2002, as SiM)
  • Armenia (1996)
  • Georgia (2005)
  • Montenegro (2008)

ECAC-only members:

  • Iceland (1995)
  • Azerbaijan (2002)
  • San Marino (2008)

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