Exhaust Gas Temperature (EGT)

Exhaust Gas Temperature (EGT)

EGT (Exhaust Gas Temperature)

TOT (Turbine Outlet Temperature)


In a turbine engine, Exhaust Gas Temperature (EGT), sometimes referred to as Turbine Outlet Temperature (TOT), is the temperature of the turbine exhaust gases as they leave the turbine unit. The gas temperature is measured by a number of thermocouples mounted in the exhaust stream and is presented on a flight deck gauge in either degrees Fahrenheit or degrees Celcius.

In a piston engine, EGT is a measurement of the temperature of the exhaust gases at the exhaust manifold. As the temperature of the exhaust gas varies with the ratio of fuel to air entering the cylinders, it can be used as a basis for regulating the fuel/air mixture entering the engine.

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