FAST Method

FAST Method


Future Aviation Safety Team Method


The FAST Method is aimed at identifying future hazards that have not yet appeared because the changes within the aviation system that may produce these hazards have not yet taken place. The method process flow consists of 12 steps:

  1. Be responsible for implementation of global aviation system changes; recognise your need for systematic prediction of hazards associated with changes and to design those hazards out of the system or avoid or mitigate the hazard;
  2. Clearly define scope of expert team study;
  3. Assemble an expert team;
  4. Communicate with FAST and Customer to understand the complete task;
  5. Communicate with FAST and Customer to understand pertinent Areas of Change (AoC);
  6. Communicate with FAST and Customer to determine key interactions;
  7. Refine the visions of the future;
  8. Compile the hazards;
  9. Determine the watch items;
  10.  Compile recommendations;
  11. Inform FAST regarding results;
  12. Inform customers regarding results.

Steps 1 and 2 and small part of step 3 are Customer responsibility; the main part of step 3 and the main part of step 12 are FAST reporsibility; the other steps are Expert Team responsibility.


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