Feasibility of ACAS RA Downlink Study (FARADS) Project

Feasibility of ACAS RA Downlink Study (FARADS) Project


The EUROCONTROL Feasibility of Airborne Collision Avoidance System (ACAS) RA Downlink Study (FARADS) project was launched in 2003 following a number of safety recommendations to address an issue of controller’s limited situational awareness when pilot reports of Resolution Advisories (RAs) are delayed, missing or incomplete. RA Downlink is an automatic notification to the controller about RAs generated in the cockpit by ACAS. The Study has found that RA Downlink is technically feasible and may deliver safety benefits. However, at the completion of the study these benefits could not be quantified due insufficient data.

The FARADS project consisted of several technical and operational studies as well as simulator experiments, including a real-time simulation. Results of all the studies can be found in the reports listed below.

The FARADS project concluded in 2007 and some of its recommendations have been carried forward by the EUROCONTROL Pass Project.


Simulations and Experiments


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