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FEAST (First European Air Traffic Controller Selection Test) Service


  • The timely and professional selection of trainees for air traffic control is a key element for successful and cost effective ATC operations by air navigation service providers.
  • To assist in effective decision-making in selecting the most suitable applicants, selection tools are used. The development and maintenance of these specialised selection tools is costly and time consuming. Furthermore, the application and use of such tools is as important as the choice of the tools themselves. If such tools can be harmonised and used across cultural and organizational boundaries in different European States, then there are clear potential benefits offering cost and time savings and an increase in the quality of recruitment and selection decision making leading to reductions in the costs associated with failures in ATC training.
  • The EUROCONTROL FEAST test package and FEAST service has been designed and put into use to offer just such strategic and operating advantages.
  • The FEAST test package was developed and tested during 2000-2003. During 2004-2005, a pilot FEAST service, including delivery of the testing system and a database for storage of results and data, was thoroughly evaluated. Since 2006 a full service has been provided to users.


FEAST assesses the knowledge, skills and abilities of applicants necessary for the ATCO job. The aim is to provide an easily administered package of scientifically sound selection tests and available for multi-State use.

The objectives of the FEAST Service are to provide implementation support including helpdesk to users, a centralised infrastructure and web platform for the delivery of the tests, future enhancements allowing customers to share the costs and benefits of developments and technical evolution. Finally, EUROCONTROL sponsors and facilitates the FEAST User Group meetings and communications.

The FEAST service

  • A business application with a database for management of candidates and results.
  • The test package of 6 web based tests (English language listening and comprehension, reaction time test, planning ability test, learning and applying rules, speed and attention test, 3D visualisation test) and a work sample test on CD-ROM.
  • Full implementation support including helpdesk and training course with user and administration manuals and guidance material.
  • Sponsorship and facilitation by EUROCONTROL of FEAST User Group Validation and psychometric studies carried out on behalf of FEAST users.


  • High-quality assurance in the test materials, test delivery and standards of test administration and application.
  • Ease of administration and standardised test conditions.
  • A flexible and cost-effective tool giving more informed predictive information about the most suitable candidates and so improving training success rates.
  • Common platform for use throughout Europe. Economies of scale and synergies in test development, maintenance, administration, standards, and application. Shared future improvements are possible.
  • A harmonised selection tool, which will enable more commonly recognised controller profiles and entry requirements so easing the way in which future European mobility of labour policies are met.
  • Perceived fairness and high-selection standards by test takers supports attractiveness of the job.


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