Fixed Base Operator (FBO)

Fixed Base Operator (FBO)


The term Fixed Base Operator (FBO) is given to a commercial enterprise that has been granted the right by an airport authority to operate on that airport and provide aviation services, such as fuel, parking and hangar space, to the General Aviation (GA) community. At a smaller airports, or ones located near a remote or small community, it is often the town or the airport authority which provides basic FBO services such as provision of fuel and parking. However, at larger airports serving major cities, there are often several privately owned Fixed Base Operators in competition for the business of both permanently based and transient general aviation aircraft.


The services potentially on offer at a Fixed Base Operator are varied and wide ranging. Some of these services will be subject to the approval and oversight by the National Aviation Authority (NAA) or their delegated Civil Aviation Authority. Available services can include any combination of the following:

  • Sale of aviation fuel – fuel for piston engine aircraft AVGAS and/or turbine powered aircraft Jet Fuel is available at virtually all FBO facilities
  • Short term parking
  • Long term parking - outdoor parking and tie down as well as limited hangar space is often available
  • Line services - aircraft interior and exterior cleaning and lavatory servicing
  • Repair and maintenance
  • Customs - Customs services may be collocated with the FBO and FBO personnel will often prepare customs paperwork on behalf of the aircraft crew
  • Aircraft catering
  • Restaurant facilities or vending machines
  • Passenger services - inclusive of baggage handling, provision of passenger lounges and ground transportation
  • Flight planning facilities - access to computer and telecommunication equipment for weather update and flight plan filing
  • Flight crew lounge - dedicated rest areas for transient flight crew
  • Car rental
  • Air taxi and air charter operations
  • Pilot training
  • Aircraft rental
  • Aircraft sales
  • Sale of aircraft parts
  • Sale of pilot supplies
  • Aerial photography
  • Crop dusting and aerial applications
  • Aerial advertising - banner tow

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