Flight Information Publication (FLIP)

Flight Information Publication (FLIP)


Aeronautical information publications (AIPs) are produced by national authorities primarily to satisfy international requirements for the exchange of aeronautical information of a lasting character essential to air navigation. However, a single international flight or series of flights will cross many countries and carrying all the necessary documents available for use on board an aircraft is not a practical possibility.

Flight Information Publications (FLIPs) or Flight Guides are produced by commercial organisations to meet the need to provide authoritative documentation in a convenient form for use in flight. The books and charts produced are designed to be carried easily in a flight bag and accessed on the flight deck with minimum inconvenience. The contents of FLIPs are not confined to single countries but span all countries within geographical regions.

Typically, FLIPs comprise the following documents:

  • One or more manuals listing general aeronautical information and information specific to the countries covered by the FLIP. This includes the rules of the air, general and national ATC procedures, a directory of communication facilities, a directory of aerodromes, aeronautical codes, emergency procedures, and much more information;
  • Charts depicting route information such as airports, airways, navigation facilities, protected airspace, etc;
  • Charts depicting SIDs and STARs;
  • Charts depicting instrument approach procedures at airports, together with information from which runway approach minima may be derived;
  • Charts depicting airport layout, taxiways, obstructions, etc.

FLIPs are amended on a regular cycle which follows the standard AIP amendment cycle.

FLIPs are available in both electronic and printed format.


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