Flight Phase Taxonomy

Flight Phase Taxonomy


The ADREP Flight Phase taxonomy is a set of terms used by ICAO to categorize the operational phase during which an aircraft accident and incident happened and to allow safety trend analysis on occurrences by this category. The ADREP Flight Phase taxonomy is part of the ICAO accident data reporting system (ADREP).


For the purposes of this taxonomy, phase of flight refers to a period within a flight. A flight begins when any person boards the aircraft with the intention of flight and continues until such time as all such persons have disembarked.

The terms of this taxonomy are grouped into primary and secondary terms. Every occurrence should have associated a primary flight phase and exceptionally only a secondary term.

ADREP flight phase taxonomy terms
Primary Term Acronym
Standing STD
Taxi TXI
Takeoff TOF
Initial climb ICL
En route ENR
Maneuvering MNV
Approach APR
Landing LDG
Secondary Emergency descent EMG
Uncontrolled descent UND
Post-impact PIM
Pushback/towing PBT
Unknown UNK

Relations with other taxonomies

IATA maintains a taxonomy for flight phases. The terms used inside that taxonomy can be mapped to the terms of the ADREP flight phase taxonomy.

Multiple categories of one taxonomy sometimes match one category of the other taxonomy, but still allow comparison. The ADREP term maneuvering is unmatched as this mostly concerns non-commercial flights.

ADREP and IATA flight phase taxonomy terms compared
Standing Flight Planning
Engine Start / Depart
Taxi Taxi-out
Takeoff Take-off
Rejected take-off
Initial climb Initial Climb
En route En Route Climb
Approach Approach
Landing Landing
Taxi Taxi-in
Standing Arrival / Engine Shutdown
Flight Close
Ground Services



No rules are currently attached to this taxonomy.

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