Flow Management Position (FMP)

Flow Management Position (FMP)


Flow Management Position (FMP). A working position established in appropriate air traffic control units to ensure the necessary interface between local ATFCM partners (i.e. ATCs, AOs and Airports) and a central management unit on matters concerning the provision of the air traffic flow and capacity management service.

Source: EUROCONTROL ATFCM Operating Procedures for Flow Management Position


A Flow Management Position (FMP) is responsible for ensuring the promulgation of procedures which affect operators or nearby ATC units. This is done by e.g. NOTAMs, AIP, ATM operational instruction, etc.  The ANSP is responsible for establishing the local procedures, ensuring the Network Manager (NM) is in possession of all relevant data. The FMP area of responsibility is normally limited to the area of parent ACC. However, depending on the internal organisation within a State, some FMPs may cover the area of responsibility of several ACCs.

The FMP’s role is, in partnership with NM, to act in such a manner so as to provide the most effective ATFCM (air traffic flow and capacity management) service. To ensure that, they provide the following data to the NM:

  • Sector configurations and activations (Pre-Tactical and Tactical phases).
  • Monitoring values (Pre-Tactical and Tactical phases).
  • Traffic volumes (always).
  • Flows to be associated to a reference location (always).
  • Taxitimes and runway configurations (Pre-Tactical and Tactical phases).
  • Monitoring values of aerodromes/sets of aerodromes/points (Pre-Tactical and Tactical phases).
  • Details or events or information that will have an impact on capacity at an aerodrome or ACC (always)
  • Feedback on new or trial procedures (Post Operations phase).

Additionally, the FMP provides the NM with "local knowledge", including any information which could be considered useful in the efficient execution of the ATFCM task. The NM advises the FMP of any information which may affect the service provided by its parent ACC(s).

Personnel Requirements

The FMP officers must be adequately trained and competent. The core requirements include:

  • extensive knowledge of ATC/ATFCM operations
  • extensive ATC experience, knowledge and understanding of ATC matters
  • extensive knowledge of the NM operations
  • appropriate ATFCM training

These requirements extend to any staff (e.g. [[ACC supervisors]]) who carry out the task of the FMP during less busy periods.

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