Global Safety Information Project (GSIP)

Global Safety Information Project (GSIP)


The Flight Safety Foundation's Global Safety Information Project (GSIP) was a worldwide initiative intended to guide the aviation community’s identification and response to challenges that may emerge from an organization’s safety data collection and processing system (SDCPS). The four SDCPS focus areas include safety data collection, safety data analytics, safety information protection, and safety information sharing. GSIP was led by the Foundation with engagement from public and private sector contributors from each of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) geographic regions. GSIP was initiated in 2015 by a cooperative agreement between the Flight Safety Foundation and the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Most of the work was concluded by the end of 2017.


Project History

Between 2015 and 2017, over 25 focus group sessions, workshops and conferences were conducted with global aviation stakeholders in 15 countries throughout the Asia-Pacific and Pan America regions. To further expand the global reach of GSIP and connect with a broader global audience of aviation safety practitioners, a four-part webinar series was also conducted. In addition to the qualitative inputs provided by GSIP participants, multiple surveys were administered to gather quantitative data to understand the current state of global SDCPSs and current safety risk management practices.


GSIP Toolkits

Three SDCPS-focused GSIP toolkits were published on the Foundation website in 2017. These toolkits are intended to assist the global aviation community elevate its safety risk management capabilities and information sharing practices. Each toolkit contains data-driven recommendations and best practices identified by industry for the development and maturation of various safety data collection systems, data analysis methods, information sharing practices, and safety information protections. The toolkits are designed for a wide range of aviation domains, including air navigation service providers, airlines/aircraft operators, airports, manufacturers, maintainers and regulators.

Safety Performance Indicator Survey and Dashboard

A safety performance indicator (SPI) survey was developed to gain insight into how the aviation industry is using safety data to define safety performance targets (SPTs) and SPIs. An interactive SPI survey dashboard was developed to enable the public to conduct detailed analyses of SPI survey results.

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