Hazard Taxonomy Examples

Hazard Taxonomy Examples


The purpose of this document is to introduce a hazard taxonomy and provide examples of specific aviation sector hazards in each of the taxonomy categories. This document is intended to be used by civil aviation authorities (CAAs) and service providers that are in the initial stages of safety management development/ implementation. This document only introduces basic taxonomy examples; therefore, use of additional sources in conjunction is recommended. Additionally, this document will be provided to the Commercial Aviation Safety Team (CAST)/ICAO Common Taxonomy Team (CICTT) for further consideration.

In 2010, the SM ICG published Development of a Common Taxonomy for Hazards, which proposed a process for the development of a common taxonomy for hazards related to civil aviation. That document provided the rationale for developing a hazard taxonomy, proposed general definitions of a hazard, and also proposed a near term and far term approach to developing a taxonomy and categorizing hazards. However, since the publication of that document, the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) defined the term hazard in Annex 19 Edition 2 and CICTT has accepted the high level hazard categories established by SM ICG. Thus, this document supersedes the SM ICG Development of a Common Taxonomy for Hazards document.

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