Helicopter Association International (HAI)

Helicopter Association International (HAI)

Vertical Aviation International (VAI)


Helicopter Association International (HAI) originally was a U.S.-based professional trade association for the international helicopter industry. HAI described itself is a membership-based organization that represents more than 1,100 companies and 16,000 professionals in 65 countries

In March 2024, HAI was rebranded itself as Vertical Aviation International (VAI), a membership association dedicated to the vertical aviation industry, "which encompasses all aircraft capable of vertical or short takeoff and landing."

HAI’s stated vision is “to be the global leader in leveraging, innovating, advocating, and expanding the unique operational capabilities of vertical flight on behalf of our members and for the benefit of society.”

Its mission to is internationally represent the vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) industry and be the leading global voice in promoting safety, community capability, professionalism, innovation and the economic viability of the industry.  

In addition to advocacy, HAI publishes ROTOR Magazine and ROTOR Daily, provides education opportunities and resources and its annual convention, HAI Heli-Expo, was typically one of the largest events on the aviation industry calendar each year. Beginning with the 2025 event, Heli-Expo is being rebranded as VERTICON. 

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