Hindsight 32

Hindsight 32


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Published in July 2021, HindSight 32 focused on the theme of The new reality.


Welcome to issue 32 of EUROCONTROL’s HindSight magazine, the magazine on human and organisational factors in operations, in air traffic management and beyond. This issue concerns ‘the new reality’ that we are facing. It includes a wide variety of articles from front-line staff and specialists in safety, human factors, psychology, aeromedical, and human and organisational performance in aviation. There are also insights from healthcare, shipping, rail, community development and psychotherapy. The articles reflect how many stakeholders have adjusted and adapted, and the implications of the new reality, for individuals, operational teams, support teams, management, organisations (including operators and service providers), regulators, and intergovernmental aviation organisations. What is clear is that the pandemic has affected everyone. The importance of resilience for individuals, groups, organisations and whole sectors has become more apparent than ever, along with the need for mutual support to get through the crisis.

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