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HindSight 34

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Published in December 2022, HindSight 34 focused on the theme of Handling Surprises: Tales of the Unexpected.


Welcome to issue 34 of EUROCONTROL’s HindSight magazine, the magazine on human and organisational factors in operations, in air traffic management and beyond.

This issue is on the theme of Handling Surprises: Tales of the Unexpected. You will find a diverse selection of articles from front-line staff, senior managers, and specialists in operations, human factors, safety, and resilience engineering in the context of aviation, healthcare, maritime, and web operations. The articles reflect surprise handling by individuals, teams and organisations from the perspectives of personal experience, theory, research, and training. 

HindSight magazine emphasises the value of multiple perspectives, and there is often a tension between these. In this zone of tension, we can find much insight as well as reasons for different understandings. There are differences in perspectives within and between researchers, specialists, senior managers and front-line staff. What is surprise and how does it differ from startle, or simply ‘the unexpected’? How do surprises emerge? How can we be prepared to be surprised at individual, team, and organisational levels? How should we respond after surprises? There is rarely one correct answer, and the topic itself is surprising.

In this packed issue, including the online supplement articles, leading voices from the ground and air, and from academia and other industries, share perspectives on these questions. I hope that the articles help you to prepare to be surprised. It is also recommended to review issue 15 of HindSight on Emergency and Unusual Situations in the Air.

Special thanks are extended to the authors and the operational reviewers, who help to ensure that HindSight magazine is relevant, interesting and useful. While the primary readers are operational staff, especially those involved in aviation, it is read much more widely, by different people in different sectors.

We hope that the articles trigger conversations between you and others. Do your operational and non-operational colleagues know about HindSight? Please let them know. Search ‘SKYbrary HindSight’ for all issues, covering a wide variety of themes.

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