HindSight is a magazine on human and organisational performance in air traffic management (ATM) produced by EUROCONTROL. The purpose of HindSight magazine is to help staff at all levels in ATM to improve performance at individual, group and organisational levels. This is done by blending perspectives from frontline staff, ATM/aviation specialists (operations, safety, quality, etc), management, regulators, other industries, and academics. While HindSight traditionally had an operational safety focus, this scope has expanded to consider performance more generally, with a particular focus on improving everyday work and performance as a whole.

The magazine has a wide readership. The primary readership is front-line ATM staff, but the magazine is read by many in aviation, and beyond. In the last few issues, there have been ‘views from elsewhere’ articles and interviews from healthcare, rail, firefighting, nuclear power, shipping, and web operations and engineering.

The writers are a blend of front-line staff academics (including world-leading professors), safety and quality specialists, legal specialists, human and organisational performance specialists, psychologists, managers, and others concerned with human and organisational performance, as relevant to ATM.

Many articles first published in HindSight are referenced from within SKYbrary. In 2009, Tzvetomir Blajev, then the Editor-in-Chief, accepted the Flight Safety Foundation Cecil Brownlow Publication Award on behalf of HindSight magazine.

The current Editor-in-Chief (since 2017) is Dr Steven Shorrock. The Editor-in-Chief is assisted by an editorial team within and outside EUROCONTROL (with front-line ATM/aviation experience), who also act as peer reviewers, and a graphic designer.

If you are interested in submitting an article for HindSight, please contact the Editor in Chief. hindsight.editor@gmail.com


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Guidance for Authors

If you are writing an article for HindSight, click here for an article template and guidance notes.


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